Content Writing vs Web Copywriting

16 December 2019

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It’s a common misconception that content writing and web copywriting are interchangeable. Though there is sometimes a bit of overlap, the two writing forms serve very different purposes. One has the goal of informing and entertaining, while the other strives to drive sales. In this article, we’ll pinpoint what each of these writing styles specifically is and discuss their potential to go hand in hand.

Content Writing

As a content writer, your primary focus lays within creating engaging and captivating material centered around a specific niche or subject. Good content writing establishes a sense of familiarity, trust, and community within an audience. It can come in the form of a blog post, article, short story, script, or even a novel.

A quality content writer is a storyteller. They should be capable of weaving together words to transport the reader. It’s an art form to write numerous informative posts with the sole purpose of discussing, engaging, and informing. While a content writer is not selling a product, they are subtly selling the brand. Their work establishes rapport so that down the line when it is time to sell a product, the brand already has a captive audience ready to purchase.

Readers don’t always want to feel like they’re being persuaded to buy something all the time. It can be exhausting. Sometimes people just want to be entertained and sucked into a story. This ability is what makes up a good content writer along with some other learned skills. These other skills include: knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), understanding the importance of keywords, knowing the ins and outs of backlinks, and so much more.

If you are working to become a content writer, then you have to understand that your focus is to inform and captivate. When you combine your unique viewpoints and creativity with carefully executed SEO skills, you can become an authoritative source on a subject. If your work ranks high in Google search results, your blog or publication will receive a good amount of traffic. This will also boost the reputation and credibility of the blog you’re writing for.

Web Copywriting

As a web copywriter, your primary focus is to sell something through words. A web copywriter’s talent lays within their ability to write concise persuasive words to get an audience to do something. Essentially it’s a much more straightforward form of writing. It can come in the form of a fact sheet, brochures, email marketing, social media, product descriptions, and sales pitches.

A good web copywriter understands that their role drives business. They can effectively market products and increase sales among other things. While content writing is more of a long term investment, copywriting is more short term with specific goals in mind like selling a new product.

If you want to work as a web copywriter, it is your job to know the ins and outs of current marketing trends. What is selling, why is it selling, what makes that product compelling? Your job isn’t necessarily creativity, it’s figuring out how to get customers to take action whether that action is buying a product or purchasing a subscription. Many of the advertisements you see on television or when scrolling through your social media are created by copywriters.

Do They Go Hand in Hand

Some argue that with blogging as popular as it is today, that you have to have both a content writer and a web copywriter, or a chameleon who can do both. The goal of a blog is to build an audience, to create community via a content writer, but then also to monetize the blog through affiliate marketing and product sales, which is where the copywriter comes into play. Many companies have decided to add blogs and informational guides to their websites to drive traffic and build a reputation. It’s no secret that a strong online and social presence adds to the legitimacy of a brand. With technology the way it is today, there’s very little excuse to not have a beautifully crafted website and an Instagram feed.


If you are a freelance writer looking to solidify your role as a content writer or web copywriter, pick one and be exceptionally good at it. Understand your role inside and out and communicate with employers why you are an asset, whether it be in driving sales or building their audience.

If you are a company or brand seeking writers, it’s important to understand the importance of both content writing and web copywriting. Having both will open so many doors. Without good content, you won’t have an audience to sell your products too.

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